CEDAR for Windows

WIN4: NR-3 v2 noise reduction

The most sophisticated, powerful, and flexible noise reduction system ever developed for the audio and video industries

WIN3: NR-3

"The best just got better." - Studio Sound, October 1999.

NR-3 offers greater flexibility and better broadband noise removal than ever before. It incorporates CEDAR's unique perceptual models and noise profiling, both of which help the user to detect and eliminate more of the unwanted noise than can be removed using other methods, but with little or no effect on the genuine signal.

The process also allows you to define multiple noise reduction set-ups, and select between them in real-time (for processing scene changes), or progressively move between them to cope with changes in the noise content of the recording. With its 512-band Spectral Analyser, 512-node FIR Equaliser, and unique "Noise Free Equalisation", NR-3 will rescue recordings that just a few years ago would have been considered unusable. Noise Free Equalisation also ensures that dehissed material can retain all the brightness and ambience perceived in the original.

NR-3 is the preferred broadband noise reduction system for the world's most demanding CD mastering studios, post houses, TV companies, broadcasters, libraries and archives. It is also first choice for many of the world's top forensic audio laboratories.

WIN1: Declick
WIN2: Decrackle
WIN3: Dehiss2
WIN4: NR-3 Noise Reduction
WIN5: Phase Corrector
WIN6: Debuzz
WIN8: Spectral Analyser

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