CEDAR for Windows

WIN6: Debuzz

A uniquely powerful process that removes buzz and hum more effectively than ever before

WIN6: Debuzz

"Apparently irretrievable hum-ridden disasters were completely salvaged, to the extent that you'd never know there had been anything wrong, with the same strain on the credulity often induced by CEDAR restoration. As usual, the wanted signal appeared to be completely unmarred." - Studio Sound, June 1998.

Before CEDAR developed Debuzz you could spend hours identifying all the harmonics contained within a buzz or a hum, and you could remove them by notching the signal... but only at the expense of irreparably damaging the genuine audio.

Debuzz is another world 'first': a process that identifies the frequencies and amplitudes of the harmonics that constitute many forms of buzz and hum. Once it has detected a problem, Debuzz tracks changes in its spectrum, and removes it without damaging or changing the desired signal. Specifically developed for removing camera noise and power supply hum, this module has proved particularly useful in restoring location recordings, 'live' dialogue for broadcast, and for rescuing film and video soundtracks.

Debuzz is particularly suitable for use in forensic audio laboratories, where it will remove the motor noises that plague covert recordings, thus increasing listenability and assisting transcription.

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