CEDAR for Windows

WIN8: Spectrum analyser

Exceeding the performance of any other product of its type

WIN8: Spectrum analyser

Unlike most analysers (which rely on FFT technology) the CEDAR Spectral Analyser is analogous to a bank of 1023 parametric EQs that can have their spacing and bandwidth tailored by the user. This gives you an unparalleled ability to 'zoom in' on the audio, applying all 1023 bands to as little as 20Hz for a superb 0.02Hz accuracy. The Analyser will also resolve spectral details that lie as close to each other as 0.2Hz, and is perfectly capable of picking out buzz and hum components that exist well below the signal power. (This resolution equates to a 'Q' of 100,000 at 20kHz.)

In contrast, an FFT analyser would require approximately 500,000 points to achieve the same resolution, and would introduce a delay of nearly 12 seconds into the audio. Since most FFT analysers on the market today use a maximum of 65,334 points, CEDAR offers greater resolution, higher accuracy and, most importantly, can be viewed in real time - important advantages when compared to any other product of its type.

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WIN8: Spectral Analyser

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