CEDAR for Windows

WIN5: Phase Corrector

Improves mono compatibility and stereo imaging, extends high frequencies and tightens bass response

WIN5: Phase Corrector

Timing errors between the left and right channels of a stereo signal cause many problems including poor mono compatibility, poor stereo imaging, loss of high frequencies, and muddy bass response.

The solution is an audio restoration module that identifies the minute timing differences caused by azimuth (and other mechanical) errors, as well as by electronic faults in the signal chain. CEDAR's Phase/Time Corrector is that module: it will automatically identify and correct errors - without any user intervention - to an accuracy of 0.2 samples. It will then track any changes in the error, dynamically updating the amount of correction it applies at any given moment. In addition, a manual mode allows users to shift a signal by as little as 0.01 samples - an tiny offset of just 0.2 microseconds. This makes it possible to improve the frequency response and imaging of audio that can not be restored using EQs, dynamics processors, or any other audio processes.

The latest version of the Phase/Time Corrector incorporates a faster, more accurate Lissajous display, and an improved tracking algorithm that locks on to phase errors more quickly than ever before.

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