CEDAR for Windows

WIN7: D/EQ (Dynamics and EQ)

Up to 16 channels of Dynamics Processing and Equalisation with multiple processes per channel

WIN7: D/EQ (Dynamics and EQ)

Unlike most other digital equalisers, D/EQ allows you to select the number of nodes in your curve - it does not limit you to a high-pass, a low-pass, and a handful of parametric EQs. Furthermore, D/EQ offers a remarkable frequency accuracy of 0.1Hz, and the parametric nodes offer a superb Q of 100 at 50Hz. The shelving filters are maximally flat in the pass-band and the stop-band, and offer roll-offs of up to 100dB/octave.

In the same way, D/EQ allows you to create custom dynamics processors using any combination of the following processor types: compressor, limiter, downward expander, and upward expander. This allows you to craft almost any dynamics response individually for each audio channel. Every processor has an independent threshold, ratio (where appropriate) and envelope, and an 'advance/delay' feature makes D/EQ more transparent than conventional devices or software.

D/EQ's accuracy and flexibility make it particularly well suited to mastering and forensic applications.

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