CEDAR for Windows

WIN2: Decrackle

The world's most effective process for removing crackle, buzz, surface noise and distortion

WIN1: Decrackle

Conventional declick processes are unable to identify and eliminate low level crackle without eating into the genuine audio. But CEDAR's unique 'Split & Recombine' process accurately differentiates between the genuine signal and the problem, allowing transparent restoration of even the most severely damaged material.

Decrackle also removes buzzes such as those caused by faulty wiring and electrical interference, and reduces the unpleasant effects of many types of distortion. Undamaged signal passes without any changes: there is no distortion, no loss of transients, and no loss of ambience.

WIN1: Declick
WIN2: Decrackle
WIN3: Dehiss2
WIN4: NR-3 Noise Reduction
WIN5: Phase Corrector
WIN6: Debuzz
WIN8: Spectral Analyser

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