CEDAR for Windows

WIN1: Declick

The world's simplest yet most powerful descratch and declick process

WIN1: Declick

Scratches and clicks are encountered on all audio media - film, tape or disk, whether analogue or digital - so this process is invaluable when dealing with master tapes, film soundtracks, and videos as well as vintage recordings.

Declick will remove up to 2500 scratches and clicks per channel per second. Developed in association with Cambridge University, CEDAR's advanced algorithms clearly differentiate between the degradation and the genuine signal, allowing transparent restoration of even the most severely damaged material. Undamaged signal passes without any changes: there's no distortion, no loss of transients, and no loss of ambience.

WIN1: Declick
WIN2: Decrackle
WIN3: Dehiss2
WIN4: NR-3 Noise Reduction
WIN5: Phase Corrector
WIN6: Debuzz
WIN8: Spectral Analyser

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