Series X

DHX dehisser

The world's simplest and most user-friendly way to remove broadband noise from hissy audio

"... the results were wonderful. With the hiss gone, information that was on the tape but obscured by the noise floor came shining through. Imaging and resolution are also very good and, in some cases, improved just by passing through the unit."

Audio Media USA, May 1998.

The DHX is a further development of the award-winning CEDAR DH-1 De-hisser. Designed to make broadband noise reduction as quick and simple as possible, its powerful algorithm removes hiss without using signal destructive filters, without spectral fingerprints, and without encoding or decoding. Yet, despite its simplicity, it does this without introducing dullness, compression, or loss of ambience.

Because the DHX dispenses with complicated audio engineering procedures, it allows experts and non-expert users to obtain excellent results with the minimum time and effort spent. With just three dehiss controls and a learning curve of minutes, it's not only one of the most effective, it's also the simplest mastering-quality noise reduction unit available.

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