Series X

DCX declicker

The world's simplest yet most powerful descratch and declick process - now even simpler and quicker to use

"The DCX declicker is a miracle box. Remember all those tiny little clicks and pops that all LPs had (especially audible during quiet passages on classical records)? Well, this box simply makes them go away 100%!"

Pro Audio Review, August 1999.

Scratches and clicks are encountered on all audio media - film, tape or disk, whether analogue or digital - so CEDAR's processes are invaluable when dealing with master tapes, film soundtracks, and videos as well as vintage recordings.

The declick algorithm in the DCX offers a simplified user-interface with just one control, but will still remove up to 2,500 scratches and clicks per channel per second. Developed from the CEDAR for Windows declicker, this advanced rackmount will clearly differentiate between the degradation and the genuine signal. Like all CEDAR products, it performs transparent restoration of even the most severely damaged material, while undamaged signal passes without any changes: there's no distortion, no loss of transients, and no loss of ambience.

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