Series X

AZX+ azimuth corrector

Corrects azimuth errors and other channel synchronisation problems with an accuracy of 0.02 samples

"On many recordings the stereo imaging seemed far sharper and, on some jazz tapes, the timing between the musicians (and especially with the bassist) was perceptibly tighter. I had not previously felt that there was anything particularly wrong with these tapes but, after routing them through the AZX+, the benefit was clear to all who listened."

Sound On Sound, August 2000.

Phase problems and time delays between the left and right channels of a stereo signal account for many of the problems suffered by the audio and video industries. Typical consequences of these errors include poor mono compatibility, poor stereo imaging, loss of high frequencies, and muddy bass response.

The AZX+ azimuth corrector offers timing correction accurate to 1/100th of a sample, enabling you to recover high frequencies and restore imaging that you cannot correct by other methods. There is also a unique Autotrack facility that enables the module to detect and measure the delay between channels and then use this value to compensate automatically for the difference it detects. The AZX+ calculates the timing difference with an accuracy of 1/10th of a sample, and will compensate for slowly varying errors as well as constant differences.

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