CT16: Decrackle

Eliminating crackle, buzz and grunge

CT16: Decrackle

The Problem

Conventional declick processes are unable to identify and eliminate low level crackle without eating into the genuine audio. If misused in this way, they will damage the ambience and remove genuine musical transients.

The solution

CEDAR decrackle doesn't only remove the tiny clicks, crackles and 'grunge' from vintage discs and vinyl LPs, it removes many types of buzz, and can be extremely effective at reducing amplitude distortions. It automatically detects the tiny disturbances that comprise the unwanted sounds, removes them, and restores the audio with the best estimate of the material that existed (or would have existed) had the problem not occurred.

With no parameters for you to worry about, CEDAR's adaptive algorithms will identify and remove all of these noises automatically, making Decrackle as applicable to film soundtrack restoration, audio forensics and broadcast as it is to traditional audio restoration jobs such as CD remastering.

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