"The DNS One plugin is awsome! It's a must for film sound ... it's in a different league."
Daniel Böhm, Hungary, January 2014

" As I work through a difficult show it occurs to me that there is nothing as clean, fast and effective as the DNS3000."
Terrance Dwyer, Mixers Hollywood, December 2013

"The DNS 8 Live... I was blown away - the clarity of the vocal was astonishing."
Audio Media, February 2013.

"The DNS 8 Live... The masters of noise suppression magic have done it again."
Resolution, Nov/Dec 2012.

" the adaptive limiter... the best sounding limiter I've ever heard"
Iain Roberton, Producer / Studio Manager, Imagem, December 2011.

"Respeed... truly the Holy Grail of disc restoration"
Graham Newton, Audio Resoration, Canada, July 2011.

High Definition magazine, October 2010.

"We LOVE the plugin!"
Wayne Bartlett, Bartmart Audio Inc., Canada, July 2010.

"the cost is not high, the time gained is priceless"
Sebastian Penno, Music Audio Recording Concepts, Germany, July 2010.

"CEDAR continues to pioneer new ideas and raise the standard... the gold standard by which all others are judged."
Bill Lacey, Resolution, March 2010.

"CEDAR has always had a delightful approach to software upgrades and has looked after its customers royally."
Mike Aiton, Audio Media, March 2010.

"In a league of its own."
Susan Pennington, Audio Media, January 2010.

"CEDAR Cambridge ... our first choice"
André Huthmann, Managing Sound Engineer at the Deutsches Rundfunk Archiv, April 2009.

"nothing performs noise suppression as effectively, as quickly, and without artefacts as my DNS1500"
Arturas Pugaciauskas, AP Sounddesign, March 2009.

"To get any better results we would have to change the studio itself.."
Nick Ashton, Sound Team Leader at ITN News, in Line Up, Nov/Dec 2008.

"the results that you can get from the DNS1000 are almost too good to be true."
Oliver France (Big Brother & Deal Or No Deal), in Line Up, Nov/Dec 2008.

"CEDAR Cambridge... used everyday in serious, organised crime and national security investigations, to great effect."
West Midlands Police, UK, June 2008.

"supreme capabilities"
Paul Cotterell, LipSync Post, June 2008

"CEDAR Declip is the world's best tool for this purpose."
Eddy Brixen, EBB-consult, March 2008.

"the Gold Standard in noise reduction"
Rob James in Resolution, September 2007.

"... no company has done so much for audio restoration... no-one challenges the leadership of CEDAR "
Dieter Kahlen in Studio Magazin, Germany, January 2007.

"Wow! You have made my day, and that of my clients. In a word - superb!"
Jim Rabchuk of Audiobec, Canada, July 2005.

"...avoid shooting any ADR by using the CEDAR Cambridge and CEDAR DNS2000..."
Brian Slack of Widget Post, USA, in Post magazine, June 2005.

"My new best friend"
Scott Weber, dialogue and music editor for ABC's "Lost", in Mix magazine, May 2005.

"Phenomenally effective"
Hugh Robjohns, in Sound On Sound, May 2005.

"It's unbelievable. The things it can remove, it's almost scary."
George Meyer of Howard Schwartz Recording, interviewed in Post magazine, April 2004.

"CEDAR Cambridge... streets ahead in versatility and processing power"
Denis Blackham - Skye Mastering, in Resolution, October 2003.

"... low-cost software packages are toys in comparison."
Lee Leng Kok, Ancient Sound Restore, Singapore; in Pro Audio Asia, December 2003.

"Retouch... Amazing!"
Simon Gibson, Abbey Road, March 2002

"CEDAR's dynamic noise suppression... Essential"
Rob James, Studio Sound, January 2001

"CEDAR is in serious danger of becoming a generic term like Hoover or Biro."
Rob James, Studio Sound, January 2001.

"... a blinding bit of kit ... a killer product."
Mike Aiton-Browne of Molinare Studios in Audio Media, December 2000

"the CEDAR DCX declicker...a miracle box!"
Dr. Frederick J. Bashour, Pro Audio Review, August 1999.

"CEDAR dehissing? Awesome! ... simply astounding."
David Frangioni, EQ Magazine, July 1998

"Apparently irretrievable disasters were completely salvaged"
Dave Foister, Studio Sound, June 1998.

"... fixed problems that, to some, may seem irreparable."
Richard Lescallette, Audio Media USA, May 1998.

"... a mastering engineer's dream. "
(The late, great) Gabe Wiener, Mix, December 1995.

"... uncompromising quality."
Dave Foister, Studio Sound/MDR, November 1994.

"Powerful tools for the serious audio restorer or archivist."
George Petersen, Mix, October 1994.

"... a magic wand once thought impossible."
Dave Foister, Studio Sound/MDR, April 1994.

"CEDAR has greatly contributed to the unique restorations that we can achieve at Abbey Road."
Andrew Walter, EMI Abbey Road Studios, London

"CEDAR removes the disturbances but keeps the sound genuine."
Wolfgang Martens, Technical Director, Sonopress, Gutersloh

"the quick, effective way to solve awkward problems."
Simon Heyworth, Senior Engineer, CEO Mastering, London.